4D Tic-Tac-Toe

If you enable Java in your browser the game will appear here! Read the intructions while the applet is loading...(it may take several seconds)

If you wish to see a video example see here.


The game is played in a hypercube of 5 by 5 by 5 by 5 slots and we play one after the other aiming at filling in 4 slots in a row, pretty much like in the traditional 3 by 3 game.

The cubes are shown as five planes each of a different color, each with 5 by 5 positions. To play, simply specify the position chosen by clicking with the mouse on the slot where you want to play.


To win you must line up 5 slots with your color. I, the program, am your opponent. In this version I play to block your moves and position myself comfortably. I am not very good but if I see a winning position I take it.

When I play I display where I played on the top of the screen. It will look like "I play 4C13..." where 4C means the 4th plane's color (Green, Blue, Red, Purple or Yellow) and 13 means "first (closest) row, 3rd slot from the left". For example, if I play on the 2nd row , 4th column of the red plane of the 5th cube I will display "I play 5R24". If I have 4 tokens lined up and I am about to win I will also display 3 exclamation marks right after, as in "I play 2B31!!!"

To get a better understanding you should have a look at the video above.

You play with the orange slots and I with the blue ones.

Drag the mouse to rotate the cube and get a better view.

When one of us wins I show the winning slots in RED.

To start a new game hit the browser's "refresh" button.

Good luck.

Dan Baronet.

P.S. The APL versions are better. You can specify the level from "dumb" to pretty smart. There, in "challenge" mode, I start at the highest level. You don't stand many chances. If I am about to win I will announce my move and how many moves you have left.